Compacct ERP

Compacct ERP is a cloud based ERP system for small and mid-sized enterprises. This fully mobile enabled system is capable of shaping itself in every corner in your organization. Start a new journey Compacct ERP to discover the amazing world of mobile and cloud computing. Learn More..



Compacct-POS is a fully mobile enabled POS system for small and mid sized organizations. Compacct POS can be used both in desktop and mobile phones with auto sync function. This POS can be further enhanced its capability by connecting the POS with Compacct ERP as a back-end system. Learn More..


In today’s world, CRM is the main tool to drive your business towards success. Compacct CRM, is one of those tool which gives you the power interact with your customer in a more effective way. By connecting Compacct CRM with Compacct ERP you will be fully powered take full control of your organization. Learn more..

Mobile ERP

The world is looking for mobile computing and Compacct Mobile ERP is a next step for this coming world. This fully cross platform system can work fully with Compacct ERP giving you the power to control your organization through your hand held device. To power your organization with the next generation technology click here to begin the new journey.

Industries Served


Retail industries always required extra control over the business, Compacct ERP gives you the power to do it in a better way. Learn More..


Manufacturing industry is one of the main pillar of our countries economics. Have a look on Compacct ERP and its powerful business intelligence system which gives you more control in your manufacturing processes. Learn More..

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment companies require special attention starting from purchase, quality control, sales and after sales service. Compacct ERP has served some well known medical equipment companies to serve their every requirement. Learn More..


Compacct ERP have a separate vertical for this education institutes. By serving some best educational organizations our educational service can give you the power to get the best from your IT infrastructure. Learn More..

Service Sector

Any Service sector business requires special attention in communications. Compacct ERP gives you the the ultimate power to never miss any communication between you and your customer. Our unmatched cross platform technology always helps you to be connected. Learn More..

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics are one of the blooming industries in this decade. Compacct ERP can handle every corner of this industry with its sharp technological know how,  It can integrate with any external hardware and mobile devices. Start a new era in your Warehousing and Logistics business. Learn More..

Financial Service

Use of technology in financial service are now one of the key roll in success. Compacct CRM have the provision to customize itself and takes place in finical organizations. Learn More..

Government E Office

E Office solution is the next step that our Government is planing through. Compacct ERP can be equipped with a fully e office technology with minor customization. It can be customized as per the departments requirement. Make your office a paper less office, Learn More..

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What our clients say

We are using Compacct ERP for last two years. We are more than happy the way Compacct team has transformed our legacy system to the new system.

Sadhan Roy, Secretary General, Indian Institute of Metals

We started working with Compacct ERP from 2015, in last 3 years we have used every module robustly and now all of our branches are departments are ERP enabled using Compacct ERP

Somnath Mukherjee, MD, Hearing Plus

We started using Compacct ERP with GST implementations. Compacct team have delivered beautifully with the customization required for us.  We are really happy with this Mobile ERP. and CRM

Aditya Kataruka, CEO, Diagraph Impex Pvt. Ltd.

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